Get ready to shine with some stunning new summer neons! We're thrilled to announce the pre-order for Cadillacquer's Summer 2024 Collection. These vibrant shades are packed with mesmerizing iridescent flakes, perfect for your summer look!

Sunshine State of Mind: Light up your nails with this bright lime green neon, sprinkled with dazzling pink, orange, and yellow iridescent flakes. Perfect for a sun-kissed vibe!

Sunny Daze: Embrace the warmth with this vibrant orange neon, packed with glowing yellow and orange iridescent flakes. It's like a little bottle of sunshine!

Feelin' Beachy: Make waves with this playful pink neon, sparkling with green, purple, and blue iridescent flakes. It's beachy bliss in a bottle!

Barefoot By The Bay: Strut your stuff with this fuchsia neon, shimmering with pink, orange, and yellow iridescent flakes. Perfect for a fun and flirty look!

High Tide: Dive into this bold blue neon, packed with a mesmerizing mix of red, orange, green, and yellow iridescent flakes. It's a tidal wave of color!

Sea You Soon: Sail away with this bright teal green, sparkling with pink, orange, and yellow iridescent flakes. It's a seaside dream come true!

Don't miss out on these must-have summer shades! Pre-order now and be the first to rock Cadillacquer's Summer 2024 Collection! Orders will start shipping out in the beginning of August!

This preorder ends on July 7th at 8:59 PM PST / 11:59 PM PST with no limits on quantities.

But - it's not just one collection available for preorder.. get your hands on a collection that will take you on an extraordinary journey through the cosmos - the store exclusive Cadillacquer - Interplanetary Collection!  Crafted with celestial inspiration, this stunning collection of six polishes captures the essence of distant galaxies, shimmering stars, and the mysteries of space.

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Please note that there are limits on older collections, so if you’ve been dreaming of adding them to your collection, act fast!

If your order includes any polish on preorder, the entire order will be shipped at the beginning of August. The Semi-Annual coupon code 20EXTRA does not apply to preorder items.

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