We're beyond thrilled to introduce Chamaeleon Nails that's here to redefine your nail game. With a stunning selection of 50 unique polishes, each crafted to perfection, Chamaeleon Nails is bringing a burst of color and creativity to your fingertips. Let's dive into the mesmerizing collections that await you!

Flakie Kingdom Collection is a realm of enchantment, featuring 10 flakie-filled polishes that will leave you feeling like sparkling royalty. Here are a few highlights:

  • Castle on the Flaming Rock: This neutral gray crelly is a canvas for pink, yellow, and green iridescent flakes, enhanced by copper to green UCC flakes and a red to gold to green shimmer. It's a regal choice for those who love understated elegance with a twist.

  • Queen of the Night: Embrace the allure of the night with this black jelly polish, sprinkled with pink and orange iridescent flakes and small golden holo glitters. It's perfect for a bold, mysterious look.

  • Spellbound: A vibrant purple jelly that dazzles with pink iridescent flakes. This polish is ideal for making a statement.

  • Witchcraft: Magenta magic at your fingertips! This jelly polish is filled with pink to orange iridescent flakes, offering a spellbinding finish.

Celebrate the bounty of autumn with the Harvest Time Collection, featuring five rich and earthy polishes:

  • Big Walnut: A deep, rich green polish with iridescent and UCC flakes that capture the essence of a lush forest.

  • Blazing Evening Sky: This muted dark blue base is contrasted beautifully with iridescent flakes, reminiscent of a serene twilight sky.

The Magical Fairies Collection brings the magic of solar effect polishes to life with four enchanting shades:

  • Fairies of the Air: A delicate baby blue base that transforms into a bluish-purple hue in sunlight, adorned with iridescent flakes.

  • Flame Fairy: This coral-based polish changes to a vibrant red in sunlight, complemented by iridescent flakes for a fiery, magical finish.

For those who crave bright, bold colors, the Rainbow Flakies Collection offers 10 vibrant polishes:

  • Fireflies: A neon yellow lacquer bursting with orange and yellow iridescent flakies, perfect for a standout look.

  • Kuang Si Falls: A teal neon polish with eye-catching orange and yellow flakies, reminiscent of tropical waters.

  • Oleander: A pink neon base filled with golden iridescent flakes and sparkling golden holographic glitters, adding a touch of glamour.

The Secret Escape Collection features five solar effect polishes that take you on a journey of transformation:

  • Sunset at the Ocean Shore: An ethereal white base with orange-iridescent flakes that shifts to a magical blue in the sun.

  • Under the Jacaranda Tree: This white base polish is adorned with delicate pink and blue iridescent flakes and shimmering green and copper UCC flakes, transforming into a luscious bluish-purple hue in sunlight.

Get ready for hauntingly beautiful nails with the Spooky Season Collection, featuring 8 eerie and enchanting polishes:

  • Jack O’Lantern: A neon orange base with matte black glitters, perfect for a spooky, festive look.

  • Magic Potion: A neon mint green base with a mix of pink, purple, and blue iridescent flakes, accented by black flakes for a truly magical finish.

Inspired by the epic saga, The Witcher Collection includes 8 polishes that capture the essence of the series:

  • Geralt of Rivia: A clear base polish filled with orange and gold iridescent flakes, black flakes, and holo flakies and glitters, embodying the legendary Witcher himself.

  • Witcher Trials: A cool-toned bright grey crelly base with iridescent and UCC flakes, sprinkled with tiny silver holo glitters, perfect for any aspiring sorceress.

Every polish in the Chamaeleon Nails collection is designed to bring out your inner artist. Whether you're drawn to the vibrant hues of the Rainbow Flakies, the enchanting transformations of the Magical Fairies, or the haunting beauty of the Spooky Season Collection, there's something for everyone.