Get ready to spread your wings and let your creativity soar with UberChic Beauty's latest addition, Butterflies! Packed with a mesmerizing collection of butterflies, layered designs, flowers, wings, crescent moons, and hearts, this plate is a must-have for creating stunning nail art that will make your heart flutter. But the excitement doesn't end there! There are 9 brand new Holographic Reflective Glitters that will add a touch of magic to your manicures. Choose from a vibrant range of colors including Blue, Green, Aqua, Black, Gold, Lime, Pink Magenta, Pink Red, and Silver

That's not all! Check out a couple revamped products that will become a staple in your routine. The Holographic Storage Binder - Dark 2.0 is not only a functional solution to keep your stamping plates organized but also a fashion statement, and Nail Art Barrier's back with an updated formula to ensure your manicures stay mess-free so you can explore your creativity without worrying about clean-up.

And of course, we've restocked some of your all-time favorite plates! Dive into the tropical paradise with Beach Please, featuring flip flops, palm trees, coral reefs, flamingos, seashells, hibiscus, pineapples, and an array of vibrant sealife. Create bubbly and underwater-themed manicures with Just Beachy, showcasing bubbles, jellyfish, oysters, sea turtles, palm trees, sea horses, crabs, starfish, coral, sharks, and octopuses. Unleash your inner mermaid with Mermaid Life 02, featuring whimsical designs of whales, mermaids, skull & crossbones, parrots, crabs, palm trees, palm leaves, sea shells, octopuses, ships, maps, anchors, pirates, fish, and coral. Finally, seize the day with Seas the Day, a plate packed with pineapples, palms, suns, footprints, watermelons, starfish, sharks, crabs, jellyfish, ice cream, tikis, lighthouses, toucans, gnomes, flamingos, beach balls, seashells, and sea turtles.

Pick up some mini stamping plates that are perfect for adding a touch of festivity to your nail art. Explore the spirit of Independence Day with Fourth of July, Fourth of July 02, and Fourth of July: Kawaii. These plates are jam-packed with celebratory designs that will make your nails stand out.

Last but not least, we have restocked some fabulous gel polishes. Make a statement with I'm In Vacation Mode Gel Polish, a bright pink creme that screams fun and relaxation. Dive into the magical depths with Mermaid Lagoon Gel Polish, a teal blue shade with an iridescent magnetic effect. Feel like a hummingbird with Happy As A Hummingbird Gel Polish, a green gel nail polish with silver flash reflective glitter. Get bright on regular polishes neon teal blue Key Largo and neon purple Montego for vibrant and eye-catching manicures.