Get ready for a Vibrant Summer with Cadillacquer's NEW Summer 2023 Collection! Introducing the 9 bright and dazzling new polishes that will set your nails on fire... figuratively of course! Dive into a world of colorful possibilities with this stunning collection:

  • Bittersweet - A tantalizing mix of citrus orange and sweet shifting shimmer, this shade will leave you craving for more! 
  • Butterfly Kisses - A vibrant red that will make your nails flutter colliding with color shifting flakies, this polish takes you on a brilliant and whimsical journey. 
  • Doing Her Own Thing - Unleash your inner rebel and rock this bold hot pink with color shifting shimmer that screams confidence!
  • Piece Of Mind - Experience serenity with this medium neon purple with color shifting flakies that will transport your nails to a peaceful oasis.
  • See You Again - Embrace nostalgia vibrant neon yellow polish with color shifting shimmer that will bring back memories of unforgettable moments.
  • Sky Dancer - Let your nails dance in the sky with this ethereal combination of neon lime green and color shifting flakies that quench your nails thirst for freedom. 
  • Strawberry - Indulge in the sweetest shade of summer, as this deliciously ripe strawberry hue with color shifting shimmer adds a touch of fruity fun to your nails!
  • Summer Nights - Ignite the party vibes with this sizzling deep blue with color shifting shimmer that embodies the spirit of endless summer nights.
  • Tranquility - Dive into a pool of calmness and relaxation with this serene bright green with color shifting shimmer that will soothe your soul.

Don't miss out on the ultimate nail polish experience - grab the complete set of Cadillacquer's Summer 2023 Collection here and explore the entire spectrum of summer hues and unleash your inner nail artist.