Find your nail muse with 7 new plates from MoYou London - Le Musee 06 brings edgy vibes with modern images of Greek sculptures, laurel wreaths, checkerboard, stars, lines, speckles, eye, 3D cube, and more, Le Musee 03 hits you with designs of snakes, hearts, diamond, stars, moon, eyes, yin & yang symbol, hour glass, leaves, bricks, pyramids, 3D stairs, and more, and Le Musee 01 appeases the eye with beautiful bohemian nail art designs full of organic shapes, modern line drawings, hands, eye, stars, leaf, quotes and more. 

Get spooky with your favorite little yellow dudes with NEW Minions 08 stamping plate filled with spider, spiderwebs, skull, bats, witch's hat, jack-o-lanterns, lightning bolts, clouds, moon, pitchfork, ghosts and more for adorably haunted nails. Or check out some restocked faves including Atlantis 05 with nautical treasures, Fall in Love 09 with festive foliage and plaid, Festive 73 with stunning patterns and sugar skulls, Pro XL 01 with dots, lines, herringbone, and more staple patterns, or browse them all here!