Are you prepared to pump up your polish collection with the launch of so many new dazzling goodies from Emily De Molly? Well get ready because they're taking you on a glamourous ride filled with wonders your nails won't be able to keep away from! Pack a punch right on drop with a polish you won't want to hide with tri-thermal dark purple to light turquoise filled with white glitters Let's Keep It A Secret, a polish this pretty is definitely a curse with periwinkle base with aurora shifting shimmer packed with white glitters Blessed With a Curse, don't let yourself fall for any lies with green base and aurora shifting shimmer Such A Farse, enjoy this bright pink with aurora shifting shimmer alone with your nails with Secret Sights, fill in the storyline with deep turquoise jelly base with green holographic glitters Plot Holes, make any boring event extravagant with silver foil that shifts to green and blue A Boring Event, cure boredom with ease with light purple base with aurora shifting shimmer Save Your Boredom, add a pop of happiness into your day with orange base with gold foil shimmer Major Themes, let nails come alive with chunky holographic with subtle color shift Animated Hearts, nothings a waste when rocking this green base with aurora shifting shimmers and metallic glitter polish Wasteland, let it always be with magnetic color shifting green to purple to blue with iridescent flakies It Must Have Been, set precedents with bright teal base filled with different colored metallic glitters Example Sentences, add a daring touch to your style with deep maroon jelly with red metallic glitters Dead to the World, don't stray from the guide with nude pink to blue thermal with blue shimmer Just Like This, and mix it up with tangy yellow crelly with grey metallic glitters Shakedown. What's stopping you from taking a look at all these new goodies plus more

Let the magic never stop with a launch of 6 new stamping plates - EDM43 lets you imagine and create the perfect floral masterpiece with different detailed flowers and floral images, EDM37 brings you simple geometric lines, shapes, and patterns to turn your nails into a calculated wonder, and EDM41 takes nails up and away on a sky-high journey with moons, suns, crystals, skyscapes, moutains, waves, and more!