The weather is changing, and so should your nails! Check out the newest Spring 2020 Collection from Cadillacquer starring stunning goodies Daylight Dancer - light purple-ish blue jelly nail polish with baby pink hex glitters, Mother Earth - Earthy stunning jelly blue-green nail polish, with color-shifting flakies, Feel For You - Bright red different size hex glitter in a purple jelly nail polish, and Fragile - greyish tinted jelly nail polish that has light blue glitter of different sizes, along with holographic, iridescent and black glitter. 

Shoot for an easier change up with 3 new thermals Sea of Memories - purple (hot) to a deep blue (cold) with color shifting flakies, La Fleur Vera -  light blue (hot) to purple (cold) along with coral hex glitters, and Light Up - bright pink (warm) to red coral (cold) and has light purple hex glitter along with yellow metallic glitter all perfect for Spring! Check this new collection out, plus restocked favorites here!