We've got a plethora of new Orly Collections that we are so excited to announce! First, let's dive into Breathable beauty with the State of Mind Collection featuring bangin' red creme Cherry Bomb, peachy perfection Peaches and Dreams, and darling light pink You're a Doll. Next we will slide on over to Cosmic Shift with stunners like dark green Celeste-Teal, fiery magenta Astral Flaire, and dusty purple creme Shift Happens.

Now get ready for a collection that'll make those nails dance - Feel the Beat Collection offers a bold brown creme In The Groove, delicate light purple Lilac You Mean It, and bold purple-pink Lips Like Sugar to get nails movin'. Finally, we have the Arctic Frost Collection to cool those nails down with a bold shimmering black Below Zero, shimmery sheer gold Gilded Glow, and silver and blue sheer glitter Ice Breaker. Both these collections can be found in Gel FX too!