Welcome to the latest, most dazzling chapter of Clionadh Cosmetics' journey! We're thrilled to introduce not just one, but 4 stunning new nail polish collections that promise to take your manicure game to new, mesmerizing heights.

Chaos Collection: Embrace the Unpredictable!

The Chaos Collection is all about bold, unexpected beauty. Imagine the thrill of “10 Drops,” a creamy bubblegum pink base that dances with pink shimmer, teal metallic micro-flakes, and a hint of iridescent cobalt and lime flakes. It's like a candy-coated dream come true. For those nights when you want to stand out, Armadillo’s Night Out offers a grape jelly base packed with holographic micro flakes and scattered iridescent and holographic glitter, capturing the essence of a starlit sky in a bottle.

Need a versatile option? Boop! is your answer. This sheer aqua-tinted base, featuring sparkling aqua to indigo shifting large particle shimmer and red to yellow shifting iridescent flakes, can be used as a topper or on its own for a splash of underwater magic. And for a true masterpiece on your nails, look no further than Flying Buttress. Its majestic blend of teal, purple, pink, orange, and yellow shifting multichrome pigments, accented with red to yellow shifting flakes and a linear holographic finish, is simply breathtaking.

Holiday Countdown Collection: Celebrate the Season with Sparkle!

Get into the festive spirit with the Holiday Countdown Collection, designed to bring a touch of holiday magic to your nails. Imagine Winter Frosting, a topper bursting with a flurry of multicolored iridescent flakies, perfect for adding that extra bit of holiday sparkle. Or Crystal Cavern, a cool-toned topper filled with holographic and multicolored crystal flakes, linear holographic pigment, and cobalt shimmer, giving you a piece of a crystal cavern at your fingertips.

Pass the Glamberry Sauce is your go-to for glamour, featuring a dimensional flaky bomb filled with multichrome and iridescent flakes that shift from purple to pink to orange to yellow to lime, and scattered holographic glitter. For something more grounded yet magical, Forest Flame offers a jelly, boreal green base with pink-peach-yellow-lime-emerald shifting shimmer and holographic flakes, creating the perfect mix of forest mystery and fiery brilliance.

Stained Glass Collection: Translucent Beauty

Inspired by the intricate beauty of the classic glass art, the Stained Glass Collection offers a spectrum of shifting colors that will leave you in awe. Patina Lite is a multichrome marvel with bright gold-green-turquoise-blue shifts, giving the effect of wearing a sunset on your nails. Lightfast is an iridescent multichrome lacquer with a transparent base and bright pink-red-orange-yellow shifts, radiant and dynamic like light passing through stained glass.

For those who love bold and unique colors, Myrrh is a sheer, acidic chartreuse base that shifts to bright cobalt and ultraviolet, making a strong statement. Statue Garden provides a sophisticated look with its muted teal base and pink-orange-yellow shifting shimmer, evoking the tranquility of a secret garden.

Fruit Salad: Reblended Collection - Juicy Goodness

Get ready for a burst of fruity fun with the Fruit Salad: Reblended CollectionTart offers a shimmering metallic pale blackberry with notes of cobalt and taupe, rich and decadent like your favorite dessert. Quench is a shimmering rose pink with golden peach shifts, adding a touch of elegance to your nail look.

If you’re in the mood for something vibrant, Crisp is a shimmering metallic apple red with notes of golden peach, perfect for a fresh and bold statement. And for a citrus twist, Tangy is a shimmering metallic kiwi green with notes of taupe, bringing an unexpected yet delightful color to your collection.

With these captivating new collections, Clionadh Cosmetics invites you to explore, experiment, and express yourself through an array of breathtaking colors and finishes. Get ready to transform your nails into a canvas of endless possibilities!