Check out the newest launch from Moyra, designed to inspire creativity and elevate your nail art experience! Whether you are a professional nail artist or a DIY enthusiast, this latest collection offers something special for everyone.

Stamping Plate 141 May brings delicate tea cups and pots, buzzing bees amidst flowers, and heartfelt symbols of love like syringes and hearts. This plate also features captivating images of mothers and babies, elegant brides and grooms, and meaningful phrases to help you express yourself.

Next, the Stamping Plate 140 April showcases a variety of flowers, birds and butterflies with flowers, and adorable rabbits and baby chicks. It also includes a charming jack in the box, an intricate puzzle heart, and much more to inspire your creative side.

For a touch of whimsy, Stamping Plate 139 March offers floral blooms, whimsical dandelions, and charming Easter eggs. You’ll find garden gnomes tending to their magical gardens, graceful line work of women's faces, and friendly bees buzzing amidst the blossoms.

In addition to these stunning stamping plates, we are excited to introduce new water decals. The No. 05 Flowers decals features vibrant red, yellow, and orange daffodils, roses, sunflowers, and lilies. The No. 04 Spring decal offers a variety of pink, white, and purple flowers along with green palm leaves. For a tropical vibe, the No. 01 Tropical decal includes colorful palm leaves, exotic hibiscus flowers, lush greenery, zesty citrus fruits, and refreshing drinks.

To complement these beautiful designs, check out a launch on new tools. The Liquid Nail Tape (Latex) is perfect for keeping your nail art process mess-free. Additionally, pick up two stylish scraper cards: the Scraper Card 13 Ferns, which features a green and white design with polka dots and ferns, and the Scraper Card 12 Cheetah, which boasts a vibrant pink card with a colorful cheetah print.

These are wonderful additions to add to your collection, each perfect for adding a touch of elegance, whimsy, and creativity to your nail designs! We invite you to explore these new arrivals and elevate your nail art game to new heights.