Are you ready to create some fun nail looks? Bow Polish is here with the new Spring 2021 Collection with HOT colors including Venom a chameleon nail polish that changes colors in different angles from a dark red to a deep blue along with holographic flakies, Bulletproof a unique beige nail polish that has micro-shimmer with a greenish tint, and Luminous a nude color by day and a glowing green by night glow in the dark effect polish! 

Bow shows us the bling with the new Flash Collection with seriously dazzling shades including You Are We a green to blue thermal polish filled with shiny reflective shimmer, Iron Gates a fabulous silver reflective glitter polish, and Lime a green polish packed with reflective shimmer. This whole collection is sure to add some shine to your nail life. 

Finally, stamp it up with super fun thermal stamping polishes! The Stamping Collection features four marvelous color changing polishes - White/Gray, Red/Black, Solar White/Violet, and Glow in the Dark White/Green to change it up from your normal routine!