Stamp endlessly with a restock of your favorite stamping plates from us, Whats Up Nails! This plate is back just in time to hit the beach, A019 Beach Mode provides a buffet of sunny goods with sun, palm trees, waves, beach ball, flip flops, sunglasses, sea turtle, footprints, sea weed, lighthouse, jelly fish, and loads more, B008 Summer Seeds brings succulent delights with juicy images of watermelons, pineapples, strawberries, lemons, center of a kiwi, bananas, apples, and cherries, become one with the Earth with B010 Texture Me Nature filled with images of the creases and lines of leaves, foam from waves, fire, wood grain, cracks, and much more, fall in love with adorable stamped nail art with B024 Love Is Everywhere with heartbeats, squiggly hearts, falling hearts, scribbled hearts, and so much more, B043 Stars and Stripes shows of your patriotic side with fireworks, stars, flags, an eagle, the Statue of Liberty, and more, B044 From Ground Comes Life spring nails to full bloom with images of a sunflower, leaves, roses, cattails, and more, get prehisotric with B055 Stampasaurus filled with fun dinosaur designs of fossils, Tyrannosaurus Rex, triceratops, brachiosaurus, pterodactyl, dinosaur eggs, scales, volcano, create exciting textures of cracks, crackles, smudges, tie dye, oil slicks, watermarble and swirls B059 Thirtsy Texture! Check out all the amazing Whats Up Nails Stamping Plates here

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