Catch that glimmer in your eye with new Colores de Carol Polishes! Dazzle your nails with linear holographic nail polishes loaded up with aurora shimmer and holographic flakies  - light taupe Rustic, pink/purple Illusion, light blue Feather, and light turquoise Enigma - that will beam brightly with beauty. Get wild mixed up crelly polishes with white crelly with neon stars and hexagons Magic, light gray crelly with neon stars and hexagons and black opalescent glitters Kinetic, light blue crelly Juggles with neon hexagons, black glitters, and neon glitters, and light orange crelly with neon glitters, metallic shards, and black shreds Cyclone that will have your nails in a whirlwind of allure. 

Nails are excited to drink up thermal goodies for the season - take a look at purple to turquoise blue loaded with multi chrome shimmery flakies and mermaid flakies Purple Velvet Hot Chocolate, burgundy red to colorless thermal with aurora shimmer, orange and gold metallic glitter and chameleon holographic glitter Maple Pecan Latte, orange to light green, along with duochrome shimmer, pink, garnet and silver metallic glitter and white glitter shreds Caramel Apple Cider, and blue to orange with multi chrome shimmer, diamond flakies, chameleon flakies, and black micro flakies Blue Moon Milk are ready to quench your nails thirst. 

Create the spooky vibe with dark red nail polish with subtle multichrome shift, ultra chrome chameleon flakies and iridescent chameleon flakies Vampire Drool - purple with multichrome micro flakes Unicorn Horn - orange base with multichrome micro flakies, along with shifting rainbow short glitter slices and black short glitter slices Spider Legs - tri-thermal dark green to medium green to light green loaded with shimmery flakies, purple reflective glitter and purple diamond flakies Snake Skin - black jelly with silver flash reflective glitter and orange holographic glitter Boiling Cauldron - and red to gray thermal with black micro flakes and red diamond flakes Bat's Lashes are ready to make Halloween the fashion event of the season.