Hallowed be thy nails with new Halloween themed stamping plates from MoYou London. Stamp bloody designs of cracks, splatters, brush strokes, hand prints, stitches, safety pins, Band-Aids, and bricks with Halloween 21, get quirky with fishbone, crossbones, ghosts, candy corn, static pattern, and hypnotic pattern on Halloween 20, add a vintage stamped look with dragonfly, skull, skeleton, bones, feathers, frog, snake, flowers, leaves, mushroom, and eye on Halloween 18, add designer feel to haunted spectacles with crossbones, stars, skulls, moths, coffin, planchette, witch's hats, castle, jack-o-lanterns, and bats on Halloween 16, and get traditional with flowers, leaves, gems, moons, stars, eyes, mushrooms, spiders and more on Halloween 15. Check these and the others out here!