Moyra is back with a plethora of plates, polishes, tools, and more with a restock to rock any occasion. First, check out 2 brand new plates; 124 Globetrotter - Africa & Australia takes nails on a journey with beautiful images of tribal, hieroglyphics, Sphinx, Africa, Australia, lions, elephants, kangaroos, koala bears, giraffe, desert scenery, camels, pyramids and much, much more! Then ride your broomstick on over to 126 Witchcraft packed with slithering snakes, moons, suns, ghosts, spider webs, skull, rabbit in the hat, tombstone, bats, spiders, witches, witches hats, jack-o-lanterns, zombies, tarot carts, broomsticks, candle, mushrooms, owl, crow, and a frog to perfect that haunted Halloween look. 

Oldies but goodies shouldn't be overlooked, write it out with 46 Scrabble, get those autumn vibes with 83 Fall in Love, create a minimalist look with 102 Fine Lines, fold to perfection with 115 Origami, make your nails into a masterpiece with 122 Stained Glass 2, get in touch with nature with 125 Esquisse, and get elegant with ease with mini 126 Excuse My French. Check out all the restocked plates here and find your style. 

Add adorable nails looks with ease with stickers! Blue flowers and stripes on Flowers 08, add phrases with with Words 11 (Black/White), and juice it up with Fruits 18. Add glimmering beauty with a restock on 11 Pink/Gold Glitter, 24 Light Blue Glitter, and 12 Chameleon White Holo Glitter Mix. Spice up your nail routine with 03 Rose Easy Foil and 07 Magenta Easy Foil for whimsical foiled looks. Use fun foil polishes to make things easier and unique with FP 01, FP 02, and FP 03 restock. 

Get the job done right with a restock on Profile 180/180 nail file, Harbour Bridge Buffer, Super Shiner, and White Coloured Buffing Blocks to get rid of snags and make nails even with ease. Get the brush size just right with a restock on Gel Jewelry Brushes available in #2, #4, #6 in Straight and #2 and #4 in Angled for master precision! Pick up a restock of the Wonder Wheel, and Refills, and make stamping an easy sweep up so you can do it more often! So many amazing new products, you'll have to take a look at them all to find your favorite here!