Kads is rollin' in new and hot with over 60 new stamping plates to show off your stamping style. Check out a plethora of new goods that we're sure you won't be able to get enough of. Let's dive in and take a preview of this new inventory with Chinese 024 with writing, dragon flies, lily pods, frogs, butterflies, cranes, grass, birds, koi fish, and bamboo, Chinese 026 with mountains, sun, moon, water ripples, trees, cranes, branches, birds, and a bridge, Chinese 032 with cat, kettle, branches, leaves, flowers, rabbit, grass, chrysanthemum, plum blossom, orchid, bamboo, and wistaria.

Dress nails up with Fashion 065 with pins, band aid, hanger, needles, moon, window, eyes, cats, and paw prints, Fashion 081 with dot-work designs of deer, snake, trees, leaves, boat, crab, cat, butterflies, bird, flowers, mountains, and Fashion 085 to doodle some stick figures, hearts, lightning bolts, footballs, basketball, soccer, music notes, light bulb, and a cloud to nails. 

Keep on stamping with Easter spirit with Festive 019 with Easter eggs, rabbits, bunny ears, carrots, hearts, and flowers, Flower 050 with women, flowers, leaves, butterflies, birds, and feathers, and Flowers 056 with cherry blossoms, lotus, roses, deer, birds, butterflies, skull, stars, sailboat, lines, polka dots, squares, triangles and much more!

Bring in some shapely content to nails with Geometry 016 with geometric shapes, dripping, chevrons, flowers, and lines, go on a day trip with Immaturity 024 with circus tent, balloons, banners, carousel, kite, Ferris wheel, hot air balloons, clown, stars, teddy bear, seal, and a lion, take a hike and gaze at wonderful hydrangeas, clouds, brick pattern, cat, leaves, and tree branches with Nature 045, shoot for the stars with Sky 004 with stars, moon, sun, meteor shower, and hearts, visit Japan with lucky cats, flowers, fans, lanterns, umbrella, fish, saki, Mount Fuji on Travel 010, and see all the beautiful animals on Zoo 018 with lions, tigers, leopards, cheetahs, and paw prints.

Check all the amazing new stamping material from Kads out here