Kads is rollin' in new and spooky with tons of new plates, including Halloween Plates, to show off your stamping style. Haunt your nails with ghosts, stars, candle, chandelier, magic potion, snake, stars, spiderwebs Halloween 15, roses, butterflies, cupid, bride and groom skeletons, creepy branches, crows, and a coffin on Halloween 13, thorns, bats, dripping blood, scorpion, vampires, cross, barbed wire, chain, feathers, and a werewolf on Halloween 16, gothic A-Z letters, leaves, stars, bat, hearts, butterflies, pumpkin, crow, and an eyeball on Halloween 17, and flowers, crossbones, skull, lungs, matches, lighters, knives, guns, and a razor blade on Halloween 18

Get your style on with Fashion Plates including cracks and leaks on Fashion 095, suns, moons, flowers, stars, dots, and geometric shapes on Fashion 087, floral embellishments, Xs, polka dots, spider gel lines, scribbles, and crisscross on Fashion 096, and leather, lace, fishnet, chain, geometric shapes and floral embellishments that look like fish, tiger, crane, and seahorse with Fashion 089

Bring nails to full bloom with Flower Plates. Start off with flowers, palm leaves, plumeria, hibiscus, and more giving you a modern tropical look on Flower 057, blossoming flowers, leaves, and triangles on Flower 059, and negative space designs of flowers and leaves for the ultimate stamped floral Flower 061. Keep the environmental vibe growing with Nature Plates including branches and leaves growing from elk, horse, fish, crane, jellyfish, hummingbird, rhino, ostrich on Nature 066, leaves and swirls on Nature 064, layered flowers, butterflies, hearts, and squiggly lines on Nature 069, and leaves designs and patterns on Nature 070.

Let your nails go high with Sky Plates including silhouette and ink designs of butterflies, palm leaves, forest trees, stars, moon, flowers on Sky 010, planets, UFOs, clouds, checkerboard, beakers, astronauts, moon, stars, and more on Sky 009, and suns, planets, stars, rain clouds, astronauts, and a rabbit on Sky 008

Get wild with Zoo Plates including goofy cats, paw prints, cow, bear, rabbit, dog, frogs, baby chic, butterflies, moons, stars, clouds on Zoo 024, dragonfly, butterfly, giraffe, deer, elephant, rabbit, elk, flamingo, and a wolf made from tree branches on Zoo 022, and squirrel, deer, elephant, frog, crane, fox, trees, branches, city lights and more on Zoo 023

Check all the amazing new stamping material from Kads out here