Hit the creativity with the launch of 8 new stamping plates from Hit The Bottle! Unveil the Zombie Apocalypse with designs featuring reaching hands, brains, hazard symbols, and a horde of zombies. For an elegant edge, Vintage Grunge 02 offers ornate patterns, smudges, and textures, perfect for a timeless yet spicy look. Let your inner mystic shine through with Mystic Charm 02, with bohemian moons, stars, crystals, and mushrooms, while Mystic Charm 01 brings a unique cosmic touch with moons, stars, and intricate flora. Unleash your industrial creativity with Full Steam Ahead 01, featuring steampunk cogs, gears, rivets, and vintage swirls. Go fruity and vibrant with the playful Feelin Fruity plate showcasing pears, watermelons, strawberries, and more. Dive into abstract artistry using Easily Abstracted, offering textures, shapes, dots, and squiggly lines. Lastly, for a touch of whimsical spookiness, Dreadful Delights presents skulls, drippy lips, monster donuts, and other charmingly eerie elements. Elevate your nail game and explore endless creative possibilities and make your nails a canvas of captivating stories!