A new nail journey awaits with the launch of new stamping plates from Nicole Diary! Let your nails become a canvas of creativity and self-expression, showcasing a multitude of designs that reflect your unique style. From the chic patterns of 295 Sew Me Pretty, featuring plaid, argyle, houndstooth, bows, hearts, and more, to the delicate flutter of 298 Be My Butterfly, with an array of mesmerizing butterfly wing designs, each plate invites you to explore your nail art possibilities. Grace your nails with the sweet charm of 299 Embellish and Cherish, with hearts, bows, and butterflies, or channel your inner artist with the confident lines and playful blob shapes of 300 Blob It Out. Nature enthusiasts will be captivated by the elegant flower and foliage motifs of 301 Flowers All Delicate, while modern aesthetics find a home in X006 Let Your Modern Line Up's sophisticated floral patterns. Dive into mystique with the mesmerizing world of X007 Beyond the Dark, featuring mysterious mushrooms, crystals, stars, and more. Allow your creativity to bloom with X002 Lines of Illusions, as delicate lines transform into butterflies, flowers, hearts, and accents. Capture the essence of the ocean with X004 Ocean Effects, or infuse your nails with the dynamic blend of thick and skinny wavy line designs found in X005 Waves All Day. Let your nails flourish with X010 Raging Tribal's edgy tribal designs, or embrace the romantic elegance of X012 Thriving Roses with its intricate rose motifs and cool borders. Transition to a world of delicate beauty with X013 Floral Highlighting, combining flowers, leaves, blobs, squares, dots, and lines for a stunning effect. Merge artistry and cosmic wonder with X014 Intertwining With Space, as hearts, leaves, stars, moons, and geometric shapes intertwine on your nails. Transport yourself to a tropical paradise with X015 Reach for the Palms' modern square and rectangle designs adorned with palm trees. For a touch of retro chic, X016 Commence the Retro features hearts, geometric shapes, zig-zags, and wavy lines that harken back to the past. Embrace the enchantment of X018 Slither On Girl!, where snakes and flowers intertwine both separately and together. Finally, heed the call of the wild with X019 Calling Out the Wild, showcasing designs of leaves, polka dots, blobs, and animal prints like cheetah, zebra, and leopard. Each of these new stamping plates offer a unique chapter in your nail art story, inviting you to explore, play, and express yourself in countless ways.