We're thrilled to introduce our latest nail polish lineup, the Mix It Up Collection, from KBShimmer! This range is a vibrant homage to the spirited aesthetics of the '80s and '90s, inviting you on an exciting journey back to the era of neon lights, roller rinks, and boundless fun.

The Mix It Up Collection showcases seven captivating shades that encapsulate the essence of retro nostalgia:

  1. Mix It Up: Immerse yourself in the allure of the perfect electric pink crème nail polish, reminiscent of luscious watermelon tones that are sure to catch every eye.

  2. Totally Outrageous: Make a bold impression with this neon red-orange crème polish, infusing your look with a lively coral hue tinged with hints of orange, perfect for summer flair.

  3. Let’s Bounce: Elevate your nail game with the vibrant chartreuse nail polish, blending neon yellow and electric lime to create a daring hue ideal for embracing those sunny days.

  4. Roll On By: Take a nostalgic trip with this teal crème nail polish, evoking the retro charm of roller rinks with its authentic teal shade.

  5. To The Max: Channel retro-chic with this cornflower blue crème nail polish, adding a playful periwinkle touch to your manicure.

  6. Net Gains: Say hello to this energetic purple crème nail polish with violet undertones, paying homage to the vibrant hair spray cans of the past.

  7. Scratch That: Get creative with this unique nail polish topper, featuring a blend of black shred, dot, mini star, and hex glitters inspired by the doodles of yesteryear.

With their vibrant colors and playful nods to retro nostalgia, the Mix It Up Collection promises to enchant nail enthusiasts seeking a touch of whimsy.