We are thrilled to announce the launch of a dazzling array of nail polish collections from Colores De Carol! From nostalgic glitter to color-correcting miracles and everything in between, these latest offerings are sure to delight nail enthusiasts everywhere.

Transport yourself to a world of sweetness and sophistication with the Sugared Velvet Delight Collection. Indulge your senses with:

  • Taffy Pizzazz: Dive into nostalgia with this clear base adorned with matte glitter in various shapes and sizes, reminiscent of colorful taffy candies.
  • Sherbet Bloom: Experience the bloom of spring with this medium periwinkle shade featuring a subtle shifting shimmer, adding a touch of elegance to your nails.
  • Pistachio Paradise: Immerse yourself in a tropical oasis with this light aqua blue shade, complete with a subtle shifting shimmer for that mesmerizing effect.
  • Citrus Swirl: Embrace the warmth of sunshine with this marigold yellow hue, guaranteed to brighten your day with its subtle shifting shimmer.
  • Strawberry Shortcake: Treat yourself to a slice of sweetness with this soft pink shade, reminiscent of freshly picked berries and fluffy whipped cream.

    Achieve flawless nails with the innovative Blushers Color Correcting Collection. Say goodbye to imperfections and hello to balanced and corrected nails with:

    • Lavender: Combat yellowing or stains on your nails.
    • Honey: Say goodbye to uneven tones and hello to a warm, healthy glow.
    • Ballet Slipper: Add a touch of rosy radiance to dull or sallow nails.
    • Hazelnut: Smooth and prepare your nails for any polish color.
    • Porcelain: For those seeking a clean, natural aesthetic.
    • Dove: A gentle gray that creates a clean, natural look. 

    Unleash your inner sweetness with the Chilling With my Peeps Collection. This vibrant assortment offers a spectrum of shades to suit every mood, and each polish is mixed with golden flakes, black micro shreds, and UCC flakes to add contrast and fun:

    • Chick Flick Pink: A playful pink hue that adds a touch of whimsy to your manicure.
    • Peep-a-Boo Blue: Dive into refreshing blues with this cool-toned shade, reminiscent of a clear summer sky.
    • Lemon Chirp: Brighten up your day with this zesty yellow shade, perfect for a pop of sunshine on your fingertips.
    • Sweet Tweet Lavender: Indulge in the soothing hues of lavender, bringing a sense of tranquility to your nails.

    Experience the magic of happy chance with the enchanting Serendipity Collection. Each shade is glistening journey of discovery, offering a blend of hues and glitters that captivate and inspire:

    • Destiny Drift: Dive into the depths of a deep violet adorned with holographic flakes and iridescent chameleon glitter.
    • Fortunate Flush: Feel the icy embrace with this ethereal blue masterpiece, complete with shimmer, color-shifting and holographic flakies.
    • Faithful Fantasy: Surrender to the whimsical charm of a white crelly adorned with navy and turquoise glitter.
    • Chance Encounter: Embrace the unexpected with a clear base adorned with an eclectic mix of glitter.
    • Blissful Coincidence: Revel in the beauty of coincidence with a clear base adorned with a delightful mix of glitter and shreds.

    Embrace individuality and self-expression with the Just Another Day Collection, a collaboration between Colores de Carol and Janixa. Each shade tells a unique story, allowing you to express yourself in bold and subtle ways:

    • It's Not Me, It's You: Make a statement with this bold polish featuring a clear base adorned with black and red mini hearts.
    • Be Someone Else's: Embrace your inner rebel with this sleek black base infused with silver and platinum micro flakes.
    • Not Your Valentine: Declare self-love with this striking red jelly adorned with black glitter and hearts.
    • Chronically Single: Celebrate singlehood with this deep Barbie pink crelly featuring neon pink diamond glitter, black glitters, and red diamond flakes.
    • STUPID CUPID: Embrace the complexities of love with this captivating black crelly infused with red holo flash reflective glitter.
    • Lose My #: Shine bright like a diamond with this silver holographic polish featuring cherry galaxy holo and black glitter.

    Prepare to stand out with Colores De Carol's latest nail polish collection, Too Bright To Handle. This vibrant assortment of shades is designed to bring light, color, and a touch of heat to your fingertips.

    • Step into the spotlight with Radioactive, a clear base adorned with silver flash reflective glitter. Let your nails sparkle and shine with every flick of your fingers.
    • Transform your nails into a celestial masterpiece with Nova. Its clear base is filled with white matte glitter and small black squares, giving your nails an otherworldly allure.
    • Experience the magic of color-shifting micro flakes with Brilliance. Its clear base dazzles with rainbow crush flakes that dance in the light, ensuring your nails are always the center of attention. Prepare for endless compliments!
    • Indulge in understated elegance with Noble. Its clear base is adorned with delicate micro white glitter, adding a touch of sophistication to any manicure. Prepare to feel like royalty with every stroke.
    • Inject a burst of magenta neon into your life with Xenon. This vibrant creme will make your nails pop, ensuring you stand out in any crowd. 
    • Channel your inner royalty with Argon, a luxurious purple neon creme that exudes power and confidence.
    • Make a splash with Nitrogen, a mesmerizing blue neon creme that captures the essence of the ocean depths.
    • Channel the energy of nature with Krypton, a vibrant green neon creme that brings a breath of fresh air to your manicure.
    • Brighten up your day with Neon, a cheerful yellow neon creme that embodies the warmth of the sun.
    • Add a pop of color to your life with Helium, an orange neon creme that sizzles with energy and excitement.
    • Ignite your passion with Electra, a coral/red neon creme that blazes with intensity. 
    • Embrace your inner glow with Radon, a pink/red neon creme that beams with radiance.

    This Mother's Day, celebrate the remarkable women in your life with Colores de Carol’s latest release: The Mother's Day Trio Collection - a captivating trio of nail lacquers designed to illuminate her day!

    • She’s So Bright: A luminous yellow-orange neon, radiating with shifting shimmer, gold holo mini squares, rainbow micro flakes, white matte glitter, and black micro shreds. Perfect for honoring her vibrant spirit and luminous love.
    • She Illuminates My World: A dazzling green neon infused with shimmer, gold holo squares, micro flakes, matte glitter, and micro shreds. Symbolizing growth and harmony, it’s a heartfelt tribute to the nurturing force of motherhood.
    • My Mommy Shines: Vibrant magenta pink, adorned with shimmer, holo squares, micro flakes, matte glitter, and micro shreds. A celebration of maternal love and the radiant light she brings to your world.

    Or grab the whole set, a gift that will make her feel cherished and pampered. Whether she's a nail art enthusiast or simply loves a pop of color, this Mother's Day Collection promises to bring a smile to her face.

    These captivating collections are now available for purchase, inviting you to explore new realms of color and creativity. Grab yours today!