Dive deep with your nails and find the lost city of Atlantis! Layer up your nail designs of mermaids, stars, seahorse, mermaid tales, seashells, bubbles, scales pattern, and quotes with Atlantis 06, layered stamped designs of coral, jellyfish, sea turtle, seahorse, starfish, seashells, fish and more that will come alive on your nails with Atlantis 02, detailed designs of octopus, seahorse, starfish, lobster, squid, swordfish, anchor, seashells, rope, and boats, come easy with Atlantis 01! Fall is right around the corner, and nails are sure to be smitten with new Fall in Love plates! Fall in Love 04 brings leaves, acorns, berries, and quotes, layered designs of leaves, acorns, and berries with Fall in Love 02,  and incredibly detailed designs of owl, lady bug, beetle, moths, pine cones, leaves, pumpkin, mushrooms, elk, feathers, squirrel, acorns, bee and tons more that your nails autumn adore! Last, but definitely not least, check out a stellar new plate to show off your love - What the Plate 02 - Pride fulfills manicures with fun designs of stars, aliens, lightning bolts, donut, gender symbols, hearts, smiley face, eye, astronaut, lips, peace sign, flamingo, checkerboard, flames, drips, unicorn, quotes and more!

Also be sure to get your hands on a restock of popular Jurssaic Park 03 plate filled with many different types of dinosaurs, fossils, footprint, palm leaves, and more. Check out all of the fabulous MoYou London Stamping Plates here!