The summer wanes and the longest days of the year are behind and as we head to Shorter Days we will need some colors to match the mood!

Our Shorter Days polish collection has arrived to help, with a great lineup it is especially hard to miss the absolute magnetic stunner called Horsehead Nebula. This collection also includes five more quirky cuties named Squid Escape, Chrome Colored Glasses, Tasting Trip, Lost Frost and Bee or Not to Be. All polishes are available now and you can find all in a collection with a magnet at a discounted price.


Our polishes are cruelty free, vegan, clean, 12 free formula.


A balanced long wear formula made in the United States from high quality materials. Our nail polish boasts advanced self-leveling properties, faster than average dry time and a large coverage paddle brush curved to match your nails, and allows for less strokes for full coverage. Other advantages to our formula are its non-yellowing properties and all ingredients are considered clean, meaning none are suspected to harm human health.