Get galactic with a new Kelli Marissa Collab Collection! Travel interdimensionally with stunning purple polish with shiny holographic flakies Alternate Universe, take shape with black polish filled with color shifting flakies with Fractal, and gaze into deep space with clear base packed with blue-purple flakies Deimos!

Top off any manicure with stunning new Stars Holographic Top Coat with the perfect dispertion of shimmering holo. Beam brightly with hot pink holographic Gamma Ray, and get your dose of happy hormones with red holographic with flakies Serotonin

Watch what it's like when worlds collide with a restock of the Planets Collection from Starrily! Magnetize yourself with the planets with teal base with purple and turquoise shimmer Earth, orange with gold and copper shimmer Jupiter, red with copper shimmer, holographic and gold micro flakes Mars, deep blue with blue to purple shimmer and holographic microflakes Neptune, purple with purple, red and gold shimmer and holographic microflakes Saturn, blue with silver shimmer and holographic flakes Uranus, and red with red to orange to gold shimmer and holographic flakes Venus. Don't forget to pick up an adorable magnet with planets on the handle!