Moyra's back with new stamping plates that are your ticket to limitless creativity and trendsetting nail art. Explore five captivating themes that inspire self-expression: Unleash your wild side with 131 Skins: Embrace animal prints like cheetah spots, zebra stripes, and reptile scales, or play with adorable design elements like bows, lips, and hearts. Create a twist on French elegance with 132 The Perfect French: Reimagine the classic French manicure with various tip styles, from traditional to cozy knitted sweater tips. Explore America with 133 Globetrotter-America: Travel right on your fingertips with llamas, Day of the Dead, desert landscapes, and more. Embrace the dark side with 135 Macabre: Intricate skulls, crosses, bats, and other macabre motifs for those with a taste for the gothic. Add some gothic elegance with 136 Gothanical: Delicate floral and lace patterns, with a touch of darkness.