UberChic Beauty is back with 2 new stamping tools and one new stamping plate! 

Tasty Series: Breakfast Stamping Plate is the most scrumptious way to upgrade your nail art game. Say goodbye to bland and hello to breakfast-themed nail designs that are as cute as they are appetizing. This delightful stamping plate features a wide array of designs including animated toast, mugs, cereal, eggs, cupcakes, yogurt, layered donuts, fruit, waffles, croissants, and more! With these charming motifs, you can create nail art that's both adorable and appetizing. This plate is your secret ingredient to achieving nails that are simply egg-straordinary!

Do you sometimes find that the stamped image just isn't the right size for your nail? That's where the new Ultimate Resizer Stamper comes in! This stamper allows you to effortlessly create and resize stamped images to perfectly fit your vision. The adjustable stamper head lets you customize the size and placement of your designs with precision and ease, ensuring your nail art is just the way you want it. Nail art enthusiasts, get ready to fine-tune your designs like never before!

Strive for perfection with the new Ultimate Pink Scraper card with an ergonomic base – your go-to for stunning stamped nails! Its comfortable grip ensures even polish distribution, making nail art a breeze. This hot pink wonder is designed to help you stamp flawlessly and with style. Whether you're a seasoned nail artist or just starting your stamping journey, the Ultimate Pink Scraper is the key to achieving beautiful, professional results every time.